My first beat

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post something I’ve been working on… I’m 100% a noobie at music production and am in the process of working on some pads, basslines and synths. I find it very difficult to do this as a noobie I might add… Here is what I’ve done thus far… I’ve got half my drums, subs, hats etc how I want it so that I can overlay my pads/synths when I’m ready…

Let me know what you think… levels? Wrong hat selection? OR any tips that you wish you’d have know before you started… It is a breakbeat and there is some silence [15 secs maybe] a minute in for my vocal breakdown when I get there…


the loop its self is good it has rhythm and the pattern has at least had some thought behind it. the sounds are quite weak though you can get round this by layering with other sound compression eq and panning the sounds to fit them in the mix better.

compression is your friend!!!

as for the sounds you’ve used i don’t think anyone can or should tell you whats wrong with them as you’ve picked the sounds so its a matter of personal taste.

nobody can tell you how you music should sound!!! if you ask more direct questions then people will feel more comfortable with replying

for example:

Q: how do i get my kick to punch more in my track…

hope what i’ve said makes sense mate :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice!

So as in layering, what would you suggest?

Do you think there are alot of “samples” playing at the same time and I need to thin it out?

AND as far as compression, please elaborate… The only compression I know is how to compress the kick from watching the tuts…

for good examples of layering sound check out the Swedish house mafia tut, layering the sound with different sounds that work together will help thicken the percussion.

compression is a bit harder to explain as me giving you a list of ratios, thresholds, attacks and releases would be useless and probably more damaging to the sound.

compression works well put on the kick and separate loops and even buss the channels together and gently compress the whole drums section will help is sound more together