My First Complete track

Okey, so ive finally manage to make a track and arrange it and then Mix/Master it by myself. Pretty happy i finally manage to do everything on my own. But still it is my first track.

So please give me EVERY criticism you can.

The mastering if it sucks say so

If the mixing sux say so

If its out of key say so

and so on.

Just give me an example where it is wrong and why.

Hello by Rupert-Pupkin

those wobbles are way too loud compared to the rest of the track. (2min 20 second ish)

the voice saying hello is also too lloud.

To me it sounds like you have low cutted the kick drum =) you can turn up the 40 - 80 hz some more! and your bass can also use a little boost in the low end.

Just keep doing songs, you will get better at hearing stuff !

Nice track and goodluck

hey man,

congrats on your first track buddy :slight_smile:

all i can say is your in the right place, take advantage of this site as i would off gave my right arm back in the day to access all this info, plus, id have better hearing today!

about track,there’s basically too much i could say about your track, like any other mans first track!!

just a little tip while mixing ,from time to time reduce volume to the extent that you can barely hear playback, now listen to your mix, all the suspect sounds compromising your tacks balance will stand out a mile, very useful if tired or just not sure. :slight_smile:


gav :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the answers! im really glad that u gave me some feedback, really gonna take your tips and use them at my next track. Hopefully it will be better! But im pretty stoked that i learn this i just 6 month, from nothing. So hopefully in 6 month ive made a few more tracks that are lot better!

Thanks again for putting the time and listening and giving me some feedback! :hehe:

P.s just mixed with my headphones. so next time i might have some reference speakers?!

Good track for first completed! Completing tunes is vital when starting.

To add to the other replies, most of the problems are in the mix, not the programming. eg at around 1’00 you have a drop and the high, ‘tinkling’ sounds are just way too quiet. Exactly the same sound FULL volume, with timed delay, phasing, flitered dub echoes, you name it, would sound 500% better. :smiley:

The one obvious programming issue is that I think you need some more hi hats/percussion in places, to give groove and avoid a ‘marching-left-right-left-right’ beat.

Yeah, wow thats really specific i like it! Im defiantly going to try this. Thank you for your reply!