My first deep house track

This is my first deep house track!

Mr Koko hope you’re well dude?

Just had a listen to your deep house track. Nice kick and piano’s for the win in my book!

I think the vocal sits nicely with the track, although it sounds a little out of time on the break.

It’s got a nice groove, very soulful but not much variety in the track. I like something that changes, but this would sound great on the white isle with a long island ice tea in my hand! :smiley:

Hay mr Koko,

I really like the sound and feel of the track, and love the way you handled the Toni Braxton vocal.  Great job on making it fit despite the fact it’s a totaly different bpm. 

But I’m missing some more groovy percussion.  Now it’s just kick hat kick hat and a clap.  A little something to get the groove going might lighten it up.  Something like a few hihat-variations or a nice tom doing some funky rythm in the back. Might wanna listen to some old Todd Terry stuff for inspiration. (check out his “something going on”) Or maybe some old speed garage like Double 99’s ‘Ripgroove’. You don’t have to make it sound that dirty, but the rythms that are in there are always good to get the juices flowing in the right direction :wink:

Also try and use some fills to drop in and out of the break, there are plenty of tutorials that have ideas about that.  Maybe some washing wave of white noise here’n there might do the trick already.

So to put it short: to me the basic idea is great but it could use some more variation overall

Anyway, that’s my two cents.  Keep it up I would say, it’s really got potential!

Kind regards,


Great track mate some really nice sounds in there that work well together

Just needs more atmospherics in there and a few risers/falls in the right spots and that could easily get played out my many DJs

I like it I think it’s really got potential just needs a bit more percussion to add to the groove and that could easily get signed its a lot better than some of the crap on beatport at the mo :slight_smile:

It sounds pretty good not a fan of bass timbre but overall atmosphere is good, vocals sound a bit flat/ out of time. Arrangement seems a bit odd but not bad. I agree with above posters on percussion/groove.

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