My first ever set. Can I get some brutal feedback?


I recently started mixing and found my groove in the dark/minimal techno genre. I’ve had no professional training and what I’ve created with this set is purely what I’ve learned from seeing my DJ friends behind the decks.

The set is about 1.2hrs long. I urge you to check out at least the first 40mins.

Would love to hear from all you pro’s out there.

Thanks in advance!

I am no pro at all and i only listened to 20 minutes of your set. Anyway - sounds good to me. Nice tunes.
Transitions and mix seems good to me in my opinion. Go on with your djiing. :slight_smile:

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you have the fundamentals down i think keep practicing, dj mixing is easy but building a good set that flows is hard and it also so come with knowing your songs your equipment time etc.etc.

liked the music in the set not so much the order of the songs that is my only feedback

Thanks a ton SA_GEM!