My first ever swing at dubstep

Over the past month We’ve started a project somewhat on accident

this attempt is a rough draft at what we have concluded to be what dubstep usually sounds like to us.

Every oneshot ,wobble,synth,pad and drum this track is Custom made

It started as an idea to just create some crazy wobbles and oneshots and make and electro house track but it was so many wobbles that it didnt sounds right until one of us decided to create dubstep drums and see how it sounded.

Jer spent a lot of work on making sure the sounds sound FAT,Fresh and straight raw…

we’ve never made dubstep before but we sure as hell love listening to it and so do a lot of people out there so enjoy our first attempt

please feel free to tell us whats wrong and what i need to do to make this 10/10

also remember this is only a rough draft

And one thing you can realize as you listen there are no hats thats one thing we need advice on.

Wobble Wonderland by user3906244

We broke alot of the track up mainly just so you guys could hear what we’re aiming at…

We took that hats we had out so we could get some advice on what route to take this track

nice transition,but somehow the patches are not so inspiring so i think u better back me up on the vote for a drumstep tutorial :slight_smile: :D:cool:

I actually like it…

Lets start with the drums usually when i make my own i make many layers for the kick i make the lows the mids and highs and usually its missing a snap in the begging to make the punchy so what i do is send the signal after i group the layer to a return track and change from post to Pre and add some eq and BP the highs and add a compressor and compress the **** out of it to add the snap and then send to it all the way and then you can NY compress in another send and make some quality drums then remove 75hz maybe boost at 95-150 by 2db and for the snare i do the same but try to boost the 200hz and layer some low end snares …

Also you need to do a call and response to your drums as you did with your bass to add that energy that is missing and maybe some hats to give it that shuffle head knobbing feel :smiley:

and yeah thas preety much it the bass sounds are preety wicked

Post the finished tune soon :smiley:

I’ll re post the finished version soon! Thanks for the input guys!