My first finished in years

hi i would like some feedback on this, the first thing ive completed in years****e-2

ahh i see the track name has been daily mailed :stuck_out_tongue: just go here


thats more like it.

good track meets my personal gusto more.

nice bass.

nice melody.

maybe needs something else to it.

some kind of sweeping in synth to give some chords for short moments or some strings don know maybe something playing just part of chord in a not too obvious way(i mean that you cant hear it that much)

something like that don know

im not a pro just what i think,

would be nice if anyone would listen to my tracks also.



hi mate, thanks for listening, yeah i think it needs something else too but im useing a very crappy laptop and that was all i could fit in without it grinding to a halt unfortunatley

wow you defenitly need a new laptop that sucks.

i would be very stressed if i couldnt produce because of hardware.

keep up your good work anyway until you have one.

a way to fix this could be rendering the single instruments to wave and than producing something aditional.