My first foray into the techno realm

A friend of mine usually DJ’s trance/prog, but for his next set, he wanted to experiment and start getting into techno as well. So as we were switching ideas and bantering around he challenged me as well to go out of my comfort zone and to try to produce a techno song.

I for one have never really listened to much techno, but I know there is many sub genres within. I guess what I have right now would be peak time techno?

This is essentially a shell for now, but I have tried my best to use everything I have learned so far into this track.
Thinking of adding some acid lines/playing around with some 3o3’s?

Some feedback to throw me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

Good start IMO, good rumble effect, don’t push it harder unless you’re aiming at a very heavy kind of "Festival Techno " track. At this stage it sounds more like Dark Techno in the vain of the infamous Berlin Berghaim Club.

Nice kind of industrial atmosphere background and percussive elements which is part of this genre IMO. Just not sure about this way to filter the kick, sounds a bit dull at this point but you have to experiment with it and the way to build a nice break.

Yep, acid line & 303 kind of sounds will also work here.

Some tutorials references you should find interesting :

Curious to see where this one is going, nice work so far :wink:

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Back in the day the BXR label had some of the best in techno/trance crossovers. Your project seems to be in that picotto/piu sort of vibe. I like it. looking forward to the completed track


This is the end result folks. The rumble from the subs started to drown everything out, so I have opted out for a different sub bass to tame it a bit. Made a acid line through serum and modulated a bit and ended up with what is now in the track.

Also took a stab at “trying” to master my own track.

Hi again @andytheyoo

I think it’s just because your kick is too loud, reduce it’s level and you’ll be able to bring a bit more of the typical rumble effect back in the track. If the rumble is taking too much space, filter it and add more reverb to it, it needs to feel like a subliminal layer in this genre ( if that makes sense ).

It’s a nice track, again I like very much the industrial atmospheric feel, it’s creating a great feel in the mix, definitely try some tiny adjustments with this Kick & rumble and sub-bass. Start with reducing your kick level IMO.

A few suggestions arrangement wise :

  • at 0:36 : I missed a transition to bring this part with the filtered kick, it comes all of a sudden, breaking the listening experience.

  • at 0:56 : another transition than could be enhanced IMO, transition itself in terms of time is very short, you could use a huge effect like a freezing delay and reverb to maintain the atmosphere, use less percussive elements before introducing the kick again.

  • after 0:56 transition : then you’re bringing back a pronounced rumble effect, it could be either filtered in volume to feel more progressive or introduced before with the above solution. Tame this rumble with EQ filtering & reverb.

It’s still quiet a short track, playing with those transitions times and using some “trippy” moments to contrast with the more energetic parts could be nice. I’ve got a feel between something industrial techno and psychedelic & subliminal at the same time, which can be very great in this genre I think.

Good one for a first foray into Techno :wink:

It could be nice to get a deeper & more expert feedback sending the track to Chris & Phil for their “Demo-Doctor” or “Fix My Mix” reviews during their weekly Live Stream sessions. You can send links to your track via mail, all the info about this here : Live Stream Announcement!

Cheers !