Live Stream Announcement!

Hey everyone

Sonic Academy Live Stream 8pm GMT Thursday 6th Feb

If you would like to submit a track for either Demo Doctor or Fix my mix email

Demo Doctor: Feedback on a stereo track

Fix my Mix: We will load a users project and try to fix some mix and production elements:
For Fix my mix submissions we will get in touch with the user/users to see if we can easily open their Ableton Project. This will require us to have the same plugins or freeze any we don’t have. Below is a list of the plugins we have in our setup:

Ableton Live is the DAW we will be looking at this week.

Ableton Stock
Kick 2
Arturia V Collection 7
Any Valhalla DSP
Any Slate Digital
Any Plugin Alliance
Any SoftTube
Fab Filter Pro Q 2
Fab Filter MB
Izotope Ozone 8
Izotope Neutron
Voice Centric
Aphex Exciter
L£ Multi
Maxx Bass
Vocal Rider

I’d like to submit my track, but I don’t understand the process. I’m not familiar with Fix My Mix or Demo Doctor. Let me know how I can submit my tracks that way.

Hey there @tremayne

Just forwarded the email from Chris in case you haven’t received it, be sure tho check your mail preferences under your S.A user account here ( need to be logged in ) : Sign Up

  • Render your final Mix as audio from your DAW ( for “Fix My Mix” it needs to be Ableton’s Live ).
  • Upload this Master Stereo audio file using a sharing file service ( wetransfer, dropbox…ect ).
  • Share the link to the file via mail using the following address and specify if you’re submitting the track for “Demo Doctor” or “Fix My Mix”.
  • If S.A team find your track interesting and decide to use it during the live event they’ll get in touch with you, you then need to have a matching Ableton’s Live Project for the track. If you’re using 3rd party plugins outside of the above list, freeze the corresponding tracks in Live. Be sure to include any audio samples too, the best way to save your Ableton’s project is to use the “Collect All and Save” inside Live/File option menu.

send in a downloadable link of your stereo master to and say whether you want ‘demo doctor’ or ‘fix my mix’. If we select it for ‘fix my mix’ it will need to have been created in Ableton and using the above plugins, otherwise freeze the tracks.

Hey there Chris,

Can people also use Soundcloud & YT links to share their tracks or does it has to be a downloadable only audio file ? Any specification for preferred audio formats ? ( People may ask if they can use compressed MP3 instead of larger wav, aiff or flac audio files ).

We want downloadable wavs at this stage so we can bring the highest quality audio into Ableton and apply some processing. Not possible with playable links

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SONIC Live Stream STARTING SOON !! Head up to S.A YT channel here