My first official release is out now on mau5trap

out now on beatport and itunes.

this is my first official release. so stoked.

the track is called “uprising”

any support is greatly appreciated.

Great track! Congrats man

Sweet, congrats mate great track, you must be chuffed!

Mega Congrats man! really like your track. Did you just send it in as a demo? Hunted you down on soundcloud >:D checking out your other tracks :slight_smile:

Great stuff – great track, great label, and you have some slick tunes on SoundCloud, too.

I’m curious to know how you got signed as well – did you just send in a demo?

Congrats again, man!

i got sorta lucky i guess. i was hired to work on site for the mau5hax event in march. i was supposed to just be doing background studio tech stuff. but i ended up in the engineering chair when one of the groups needed ableton help. i got to meet and greet and stay in touch. then sent in a demo and got picked up for the comp.

i’m super grateful for the opportunity. and thankful for the support.

Very cool.

The longer I do this the more I’m convinced it’s about being good at your craft and being in the right time at the right place – both equally important.