My First Published Track [Progressive House]

Hey,/PPProduced, published, and will be performing tonight my first original track.nbsp; I’ve been writing for about 4 years now but never finished anything to the point where it felt like a “real song” until this.nbsp; Oddly, it took me only 11 days to write./PPSoundCloud: A href="SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds" love constructive feedback :)/PP~~Affection
the melodie is nice, also the synth. the bassline is well done but it feels like the percussion is not quiet there. I want the high hat to stand out, you
also the kick’s volume is very low. is the synth sidechained to the kick? doesnt feel like it. br
also in the break turn down the low frequency in the bassline and turn it up at the
keep going

Thanks so much for the reply!nbsp;nbsp; I definitely feel like the drums need work (would love to see an SA course solely on drums! :slight_smile: ).nbsp; Will try to figure that part our better. :)/PP~~Affection