My first release on Beatport :]

Hey guys, I’ve just released my first EP with progressive house label Macarize on Beatport! I’m stupidly stoked right now as this is the moment in my production career I’ve been waiting for, wanted to say big thanks to the SA guys for their tutorials but also a mega thanks to the forum readers who listen to my tracks in any shape or form with the critique needed to make them sound better and for me to improve!

Here’s a link to the tracks to check out:

I’ll be on it harder this year than ever :w00t:

Big thanks for the support


congrats dude :slight_smile:

Yeah big congrats dude!

Looks like a pretty good label too, some good artists on it!

Wish you all the best with the release bro!

Excellent! Congrats mate. :smiley:

Wicked man…


Congratulations dude! Bringing the 80’s vibe back to Beatport haha! Keep up the good work.

good gear pal:)