My First Signed Track

Check it out ppl, I hope you like it!br
Learned a ton from sonic academy!br
Soundcloud : SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
Youtube: Raijin - Storm (Original Mix) [PHANTOM RECORDINGS] - YouTube

Sounds really good, really
Personally i think that the snare could be a little more present, but thats just my personal
yeah what else can I say, sounds good :slight_smile:

The track is really good, really well produced and arranged. br
I have a question for you. How do you make the strings volume rise and fall each half beat? Are you using some kind of side chain or have you simply automated the volume?

Nice Job!! I agree with Clexxx , as well on my soundsystem the snare could be more present. the same with the kick could have a bit more punch and a bit more attack for my taste. The track is overloaded by sounds so its a bit hard for the drums ( including the Hihat) to get throuhg. You have to find a way for mixing that so that its sounds in the whole drumsection a bit tighter, than this track will kick you even more!

agree w/ the snare , its pretty lost. But otherwise Great track dude!

am where can i buy it? gr8 tune m8!br
agree and also disagree with the other comments here as the kick and snare arent really the focus point here. which is fine to.