My first solo production - fun pop/dance track

Hi everyone,

If you have a moment it would be great if you could check out my track ‘Dad Dancing’, the first tune I have produced and mixed by myself. Someone else mastered it for me. It was done mostly with samples in Ableton Live. I never set out to create something called Dad Dancing - I was manipulating a piece of audio and it sounded like ‘Dad Dancing’ to my ear. It seemed to fit, so I recorded the phrase myself.

I also put together a video featuring clips of dancing dads from all over the world and decided to release the track mainly to learn more about the digital distribution process. I am a songwriter primarily (working with others) but I have taken the leap into production to try and have more creative input into the projects I’m involved with, as well as improving my technical skills.

I know it’s not perfect but, compared to what I was producing even a few months ago, it’s definitely a step forward for me and I aim to keep learning and improving (thank you Sonic Academy for all the great videos!)

Thanks for viewing/any advice/feedback.


Cool idea. On my speakers I find the “dancing” sample too loud and it doesn’t blend well with the song. You could also do something more interesting with it. Some nice and weird effect here and there. Stutter, pitchshift, pitchshifted second voice, turntable effect, vocoder, … There are so many possibilities.

Hey, many thanks for taking the time to post some feedback. Pleased you like the concept. Agreed there could be some more clever stuff going on - may have to do a remix when I learn some more techniques. The chap who mastered it thought the mix was pretty good but asked me to put a bit more reverb on the drums. I guess there’s a degree of subjectivity to it all. The ‘ideas’ bit is definitely my forte and I also try to have ideas for a video in mind when writing. Would love to form a production team with someone who has more experience and a similar outlook. In the meantime will keep working, learning and getting feedback. Thanks again for your post.