My first song

Hey guys,

Here is the first track I have considered half decent enough to post:

can any of you more experienced folk out there give me any tips for improvement for next time? also, how come all the commercial tracks on soundcloud sound so damn loud compared to mine? i cant seem to get mine any louder on Reason without clipping… :frowning:

I am not an expert to comment on your track but the only thing I can say is that it’s simply lovely track…Being your first track it was pretty awesome…

That washing water sound could be panned from left to right when it rolls over the track. Think that’s better then only having it predominantly on the left channel.

Your kick is too weak. Bassline should be sidechained with the kick (more).

Synth should have a bit more sidechaining with the kick as well.

Especially when you want to have it louder, you should do a better job on EQ-ing the different sounds.

In addition, did you use some sort of limiting and compression on the master? That will work as well in getting things louder.

The idea of the track is nice though. A bit of Dutch and Deep mixed together.

Love the riff… really atmospheric.

Need more energy in the drums