My first stab at dubstep + a remix of a 1973 classic!

Saw a remix competition for the theme song to “The Exorcist” which I’d always loved, and I’ve been meaning to try my hand at dubstep, so I gave it a go and this is the result!

I know this isn't everyone's favorite style, but nonetheless I'd love your feedback on the track, the mix, all of it. My submission to the contest is final but I'm planning on releasing the track so I can make adjustments based on your feedback. :)

Oh, and of course, if you like it, it would mean the world to me if you voted for my remix here and shared the track:


the theme of the song is generic and too common nowadays but it’s actually mixed properly and your synths are at a nice professional level.

So i wish you good luck , i will throw a vote for you because I think it’s exactly how you wanted it to sound but as an overall , it’s way too generic for me to ever listen it again. By that i mean , I’ve been hearing this type of dubstep with the same themes done a million times already. The first times were ok then my ears got bored hard.

Harsh but fair assessment! Thanks for being blunt and honest.

I definitely wasn’t trying to do anything groundbreaking or new. I just wanted to have a go at making a nasty dubstep tune. As they say, you have to know the rules before you can break them. :slight_smile: