My first track (Dark Techno), feedback?

The first version structurally wasn’t so great and was horribly self-mastered, so I gave it a good makeover, and had it professionally mastered. I like it a lot, might be a bit convoluted at times (though id argue its fitting with the theme of the song) however id still like to know what could have been different.

I use my vocals in an interesting way and was something I had a lot of fun implementing. Its dark rumbly and yeah can’t wait to learn more so I can get all the ideas I have down on paper in a more resourceful way.

The most recent thing I learnt upon hearing the final product at least on streaming platforms is how compression takes away some small elements of the song I liked a lot, it seems the YouTube version didn’t necessarily do that? The higher baseline topper for example (notably in the first drop) is not as high and commanding as I intended it to be and gets a bit lost in the background.

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Fitting the dark techno and kind of Berlin techno track you could get to listen at Berghain.

Mix sounds a bit blurry but as you mentioned it fits with this genre, so not really an issue.

Suggestion would be to have more processed the vocals, pitching them down and putting them through reverb and delays, it sounds a bit dry when in isolation like during the break, pitching down + reverb will give a darker feel to the vocals IMO.

Cheers !

Thanks a lot for your feedback! You’re right about the vocals I think I was so satisfied with how it sounded I didn’t try and process it more & have a comparison as it would have gone darker and blended into the song better. I most likely won’t make another techno song with this much vocal but when I do use some Ill have to play around with processing and keep your words in mind, about the pitch and reverb, thanks!

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I like this a lot, but you lost me a bit during the breakdown. More specfically the first half of the breakdown.

It gets a bit random and the looped vocal could use some more processing and be a bit more dirty, trippy and in the background - rather than more clean and upfront as it is mixed now.

Bit overall a really nice dark minimal techno track that I could imagine top DJ’s who spin this style playing out.

For me though, just tweak the first half of that breakdown a bit and you’re good to go.


Thanks I can see that I likely went a bit overboard in some place. And hearing it now can see what I could have done differently. I think having it be in the background would have elevated that part too. Im likely going to rework it and use that copy when I mix or put that on soundcloud at some point.

Thanks for the feedback though, it means a lot. Hopefully I can work better keeping this in mind for future works too.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nice. I agree to what was already said about the vocal being too dry. And I’d prefer the arrangement to be bit more driving and straight forward, at least in some parts, with less of this breaking and stumbling. It’s a song you want to dance to, most likely under the influence of several things. Don’t make it too intelligent. ^^

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