My first track feedback apreciated!

this is my first attempt at finishing a track using ableton live8 and sylenth

its not my usual style but while i was practising it just sort of happened

please let me know what you think the track is not totally finished and has not been mastered :smiley:

cheers in advance…chris

the untitled project by chriswalker

Hey chris really well done -like your effort man ,sounds like a lot of thought went into your mix , one thing i would say though is to whack some sub bass in there to beef it up a bit  also  perhaps some extra background fx going on at various points .

All in a really cool effort man ,well done !:slight_smile:

I’m impressed, good song

[quote]egg2 (10/25/2009)[hr]Hey chris really well done -like your effort man ,sounds like a lot of thought went into your mix , one thing i would say though is to whack some sub bassin thereto beef it up a bit also perhaps some extra background fx going on at various points .

All in a really cool effort man ,well done !:)[/quote]

the funny thing is i tried putting a sub bass layer in the track at a earlier point and it just did not work as some other effects like you said i found the thing i liked with the track was its simplicty and the more i added the more it lost its appeal

i do know what you mean though its not been mastered yet and is still a work in progress maybe i could just alter the high pass filter a bit and let a bit more of the bottom end of the bass line in to give it a bit more omph?? i’ve only been doing this 3 months so i’m a bit clueless lol

[quote]tommyt (10/26/2009)[hr]I’m impressed, good song[/quote]

cheers dude thanks for listening :wink:


(see below)

[quote]electroatic (10/28/2009)[hr]

I’m guessing you had problems adding a sub when competing with the airy pads at 64 and the low reverb of your lead?

What I would do is simply layer the sub directly underneath the kick drum, don’t even bother with an actual bassline. I combine the top end kick with a real deep 808, sidchain the 808 with the click-kick; set the attack as low as it will go and the release point around 5 ms. The release time and elbow curve will take some tweaking together with the release time of the sub-bass kick. you don’t want it to be long - your just trying to recreate the low rumble that is natural to a live kick. Minimal and tech house do this a lot - they’ll have a low mid range bass-line, a general kick with not a whole lot of energy below 90hz and then squeeze a deep sub bass underneath those two in the 70hz-80hz range. Set the lowpass on your master between 70-80hz to taste.

Keep in mind none of those freq ranges are set in stone, but there isn’t any use going below 70hz ever and these values are the basic places I will start when I’m looking to incorporate any one of these elements.[/quote]

thanks for listening and for the advice:D

i’m quite new to production so a lot of that went over my head lol but i think i have sussed out what you mean now i’ll give it a whirl today and let you know how i get on…cheers;)

hi i did what you said or at least i think i did lol but it made no audible difference but that could just be my sh*t monitors i think i might just leave this track a while and come back to it when i’ve learnt a bit more and can do it justice…cheers for listening

[quote]electroatic (10/28/2009)[hr]

 there isn’t any use going below 70hz ever [/quote]

I disagree with you there dude.  You can hear the difference in most decent studio monitors when frequencies are present right down to the 40Hz range and more if you have a dedicated sub.  If you are cutting everything off at 70Hz then your track is going to ‘feel’ really light compared to a track that has a sub going further down. 

I roll my subs off around 30Hz, give or take.


Nice work on the track man!  Definately keep at it cos this is a great attempt after only 3 months.

In relation to the bass, it does seem very light - I’m listening at work on a laptop with crappy headphones so I can’t tell whats present in the lower bass frequencies but certainly by todays standards there needs to be additional mid-bass presence there.

I say ‘by todays standards’ because the track has an ‘old skool house’ feel to it, I think the pads sound quite old skool and a lot of older stuff wasn’t very bass heavy.  This is probably why trying to ‘bass it up’ didn’t sound quite right to you.

A tip for you to try is to high pass the reverb on your lead to make sure its not interfering with the bass region, leaving more space for bass if so required.

Completely agree with ya dude, my previous input was misguided due to my inexperience and crumby monitors.

I’ve heard exactly what you are referring to, after I had a track mastered, and was able to compare it to the pro’s tracks, side by side.

It was precisely like you said, it sounds light compared to theirs. May still be a decent enough technique for ambient, but that’s not what I or most any of us are going for.

Thanks for pointing that out! And I will be removing that post so it won’t potentially mislead any visitors to the forum.