My first track so far

Hey, just a quick post of something I’ve been working on. This track is in the early stages and just wanted to know if I am heading in the right direction. Feedback would be much appreciated…insults needed :smiley:

When Summer Comes Around by Hugh Carrick

Hi mate,

You track is working well with the different string sounds, very bold and they stand out. Pretty solid bass, I like my progressive house and your track is in need of a bit of variation, maybe the bass can change once you introduce everything after the breakdown :cool: that will mix things up and keep them interesting, another thing to use is some different drum fills, keeping the same drum rhythm will not keep anyone interested in your tracks, I’ve learnt this after using soo many drum loops :unsure: now I create my own drums and go crazy.

Finally :smiley: maybe putting some effects (filters over your drums, redux to muddy up synths etc.) will definitely add some creative flow…

Keep doin it, sounds pretty good



great, thanks. Much appreciated !