My first track!
please let me know what you think. i would appreciate it thanks.Ive used only ableton plugins and ana synth wich is becoming my favourite synth! Especially love the phaser. I put a limiter and glue compressor on master and a little eq!

Hey Andy,

Its a good start and well done on getting something finished… this is always the hardest thing to do. (well for me anyway)

You have a most of the main elements that you would expect in a trance track… there is definitely a lot more you could do to bring it more up to date with the current 138 sound.

Check out this guy

This is more in line with current stuff on Armins show. there are a lot more layers in the Bass to drive it along… try using band pass filters combined with distortion to get those ripping acidy fast bass/mid bits also there is serious amounts of reverb on the lead sounds.

Thanks for listening Phil and taking the time to reply! I know what you mean about finishing tracks ha! I tend to finish a lot more now!i have finished another 138 I’ll post it Monday when I’m home I’ll give the band pass filter thing a go but I find the one in ableton 9 auto filter a little to narrow! How is my kick drum sounding?