My first trance track, looking for reactions/feedback

I just spent a month creating my first trance track. I’d love any reactions!

Hey there @pxlmover

Nice one and good work on production & mixing IMO. Only point I could underline ( at least to my listening ) is the song structure, I found the break too long and coming too much sooner in the track as well as a bit empty during break beginning and middle part. Since you started to build energy during the first part of the track, getting so fast to a very quiet & rather long break takes out the listener enthusiasm & attention.

For the rest, good sounds choice and mixing and overall good production level :wink:

Next to the track feedback here on the forums there’s also the weekly Sonic Academy Live stream on their YouTube channel and among Music tech discussion & chatting about different topics Chris & Phil also host a “Demo Doctor” & “Fix My Mix” where they’ll review & give insights about user’s tracks.

You can submit links to your tracks via mail at <mail>

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Cheers !