My first two releases on Bandcamp thanks to SA

I listened to them in all environments I could and though yeah they are ready so here they go.

  • By the Creek (73 bpm Ambient, Psychill)

  • Enigmatic Ocean (105 bpm, Chillgressive); this one I already posted before but I changed the mastering to make it dance floor ready.

Hope you enjoy

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That’s cool ! :sunglasses:

Not your average radio music for sure :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Happy when musicians put out some positive vibes out there, we all need to chill in this crazy world !

Check your Bandcamp ! :sunglasses:

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jajaj… yeah you may even need a breath-work session before you start listening :rofl:

I know what you mean.

Just checked my bandcamp. Thank you soooo much, it is very motivating :pray:

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