My First Vocal Track

After two months of gridning on the PC and a lot of headache here is my first vocal track. Would love to know what you thought of it :slight_smile:

Jan, you could add that track into the post.

The subby Boom in the intro is too much for me. I’d cut off a bit of the lowest frequencies.

Then the Boom on 1:00 could use that bottom end a bit more.

And I’m not totally satisfied how the two times you go from the break into the drop.

Mate are you sure you are listening on decentm konitors, its just the only sub in the intro is from the kick…

Also what are you not satisfied with… little vague critisism tbh…

Here are a few things i picked up on.

Start could mabye use the same elements that are in the outro to keep a bit more energy.

start might be a bit long or just need more movement and build up. The intro can really build up like a break.

Im not liking the Reverb on the Vocal… its too roomy… you might want to try some delay and bring the reverb down a bit… maybe make it a bigger space so you loose the roomy vibe.

When the riff Kicks in on top of the vocal i think you loose a bit of impact… they are both fighting for your attention. Maybe keep the big riff until after the vocal has done its thing.

When it kicks in after the first break it doesnt have enough impact… sounds much better second time round when you have the extra sound in… i dont think there is any reason to hold it back. You could also hi pass the bass part before it kicks in so you really feel the bass dropping.

Id also like to hear a mix without mastering on it to get a better idea of the mix.

Ok Phil thanks for that ill get you a version without mastering after i made some of the changes you suggested. Thanks a lot !

Here you go Phil, i made some changes you suggested and posted the mixdown in my soundcloud. Would really love to hear what you think plus any more suggestions you have.

Thanx for the help


Sounding Much better… vocal sitts really nice.

the one thing that i would say is that i think if you where to play it on a big system the Kick and Bass Combo would just be a bigg muddy subby mess.

a lot of the tracks in this genre dont really have that prominent a Bass… they usually let the kick do most of the work.

Have a listen about to a few tunes and just compare the low end… stick a low pass on your track and then on a track you like and really listen to bass.

ok ill try sort out the bass, theres a fair few layers in there and an offbeat sub. Thanx for the help phil really appreciate it.

your very welcome!:smiley:

Jan, that was exactly what I meant. It’s sounding a bit muddy to me, but that could be just me. Sorry.