My latest EP from Polytechnic Recordings

Did these two tracks before i go my SA account but i figured might as well share :slight_smile:

Picked up by Polytechnic Recordings as an EP (description from the label)

-A tough, quirky progressive house EP with heavy tech influences. This thing is stuffed with all kinds of tricks and twists. Foxxy is sure to pack any floor; from clubs to raves, house parties to festivals.

Recoil is a deep churner pushing the tension just below the surface constantly up. Sneaky little samples that help the track build and build. Another winner for sure!

-Support from:

Alex Hall, Bobby Deep, Burufunk, D-Phrag, Flash Brothers, Frank Wild, Graham Good, Haroun Omar, James Warren, Josh Abrams, Kris Brown, and Simon Firth

Soundcloud links

Freq Maverick - Foxxy (Original Mix) (Polytechnic Recordings) by Freq Maverick

Freq Maverick - Recoil (Original Mix) (Polytechnic Recordings) by Freq Maverick

Beatport link