My latest Space / Ambient track

Another Space / Science-Fiction themed ambient track that i created.

This track as has not been mastered, also i guess i was bit lazy on the EQ, but i would appreciate any kind of feedback.

I hope you enjoy this track!

you forgot the link to the song. :worried:

Well that explains a LOT!

Here is the link

hehe. let’s listen…

you have something really good here.


  1. the kick. not my case. too hard, too simple. probably it’s personal taste and i cannot really describe it but this exact kind of kick, it’s too much for me.
  2. i don’t have much an idea of scales and keys, so this might sound very random and wrong. it gets a bit too repetitive and predictable. i would look for a chance to make it a bit more interesting, like throwing in something that you wouldn’t expect : an a# major chord for example

Thanks for the feedback. It is repetetive for a reason :slight_smile:

But, now to sign a contract. My latest trance track got greenlighted by a german label. SO HAPPY!!!