My latest work: Fontainebleau

I love the tutorials… :slight_smile:

I highly recommend the progressive one. They help you build a track from scratch… it will be good the day you trash all those sample loops and make them yourself :slight_smile:

This is the first track where i wrote everything, no sample loops. Just the necessary sample hits for drums.

A few of the risers I made during the tutorial and didn’t even bother changing… they were too awesome to leave out.


You know you can embed the soundcloud player?

Although it sounds nice, you could put some extra time in balancing all the different elements/sounds a bit more.

This is sweet man, awesome job! Which progressive house tutorial was this? Progressive Electro House? or Progressive House

[quote]naimes (08/05/2012)[hr]This is sweet man, awesome job! Which progressive house tutorial was this? Progressive Electro House? or Progressive House[/quote]

Thank you… actually It was Progressive House… and over the past 2 months as I’ve moved forward (i dont use the tutorials anymore), but I decided to keep this going and mix it down as best I can with two months of progress, so i gave it some new life.

It still has the first 30-50 seconds of being almost identical to the tutorial, but as time went on i rewrote it to stray from the tutorial.

Now its really just a “remix” of whatever Mr. Johnston called that song…

And a few labels want to sign it… we shall see!

This is the latest version…

i’m interested to know how youve got that many plays and comments from following a tutorial :stuck_out_tongue: i mean the track is alright but seriously id be embarrassed if that many people commented on a track of this quality :stuck_out_tongue: btw the way the track beneath this one is way better imo and again same chocoblock comments, whats your secret :stuck_out_tongue:

My god, that is alot of comments you’ve managed to get on that track - how did you get so many?

wow, that is an unusually high number of plays and especially comments from an account with 540 odd followers.

Many of the big names don’t usually get that amount of comments/plays.

Yeah that is pretty strange, the comments not the tune. Did you advertise this tune anyway that might have helped get that many comments?

guys its clear how he got the comments, just put a picture of a half naked chick up!


I, too, am curious as to just how you got SO MANY plays / comments. Kind of insane, really.

It’s a good, solid track, to be sure. Just that the math doesn’t add up. :slight_smile:

In any case, as for feedback, my main criticism is that the track sounds “muffled” overall. I think you could brighten the overall mix and the individual elements a bit more. Although I feel like I give this feedback on nearly everything I come across on SA, so maybe my ears are shot. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work.