My live is crashing randomly

this seems to be a problem.

espically cause this would be the worst to have this happen to me during a live performance. my live seems to crash on my when i start to click things on and off when messing with effects or really anything inside of LIVE. would someone know how to fix this problem?

i also have four g’s of ram in this laptop.

any help would be awesome


  • ricky

What is your cpu as Live tends to eat that up - also do you have the latest live 8.13 as for me that seems alot more stable - if you use a PC there are some applications which cut out all the unnessecary applications I think its called gamebooster and its free I use it on my laptop and i save approx 10% on cpu usage

Also it depends on what plugins you use as they can be pretty greedy especially the free ones

Ofcouse it could be something completely different - if you still have problems then i would contact Ableton support

Right on thanks dude, im using a mac. i do need to update my live, ill do that now actually ha. is there any things like that for mac that will save cpu? i dont even care if it cost money. i just would do anything for it not to crash on my infront of a bunch of people

strangely enough i have had a few very random Cpu jumps on live 8.13 but its only come since updating OSX to 10.6.4 before the update live was running smooth as, so i don’t think its a problem with 8.13

Live 8 runs sweet on my PC:D

could it be a dodgy vst your using?

[quote]Mussi81 (04/07/2010)[hr]

could it be a dodgy vst your using?[/quote]

Or a dodgy copy of Live? :w00t:


mine started crashing when I have a lot of tracks and vsts loaded but the cpu meter is low… I’m running a phenom 2 x4 cores at 3.2 ghz with 8gig drr3 so I dont think my system is the issue… started after I installed revoverb or whatever its called! :frowning: