My mac can't install kick 2

Its says that i need an update to kick 2 heeelp

Hi there @X11

Are you on MacOS Mojave or Catalina ?

During the install process just bypass the MacOS warning to complete the installation.
You’ll find more info about this in the last topic How to open an app that hasn’t been notarized or is from an unidentified developer from this Apple Support page Safely open apps on your Mac - Apple Support

If you managed to install KICK 2 already and see an update notification from the plugin UI, then your KICK 2 version isn’t up to date. Latest version of KICK 2 is v1.1.4 , you can download the latest installer from your Sonic Academy user account, be sure to be logged in and check this link.

FYI → @bryan_spence @phil_johnston several users reporting this issue, Plugins installers might need a refresh to be compliant with new Apple apps requirements. Might be one point to look at for future releases.

i have the macOS Catalina 10.15.4 And i just
bought it yesterday and it says that its need an update to run “Kick 2 V1.1.4.pkg” when i press run its giving me this This software needs updating. Contact the developer for more information.

Hi again @X11

Like I mentioned before, refer to the Apple Support link to bypass this warning message and you’ll be able to install KICK 2. The second part of my reply was in case you got an update notification from the plugin UI, which I wasn’t sure about when reading your request :wink: You can ignore this, follow the 1rst part guideline.

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