My new electro demo track

it would have been better if you had it embeded into your post!

just saying. it left a sour taste in my mouth listening to it.

pretty good though! keep cranking em out!

Needs some good re-EQing on your basslines… I was wondering the above the whole time. Otherwise, though, it’s a good start.

In other words:

so how should i progress ?

For starters you need to way enhance your stereo field. Put in some reverb heavy synths or something. It feels very small and centered right now.

Also, I can’t tell whether you intentionally cut out your bass’ under 300 Hz line, but that’s what it sounds like. Very mid, not much punch. Also, if you have a track that you think this is similar to, post that. Right now I can’t totally tell what you were trying to do here. (Although OMG you might have been doing something original :D)

- YouTube

so are u saying my bass is lack of the sub right ? should i stack a sub underneat it ? also can u tell me where should i cut my low end/mid/high ? i mean the frequencies range.

Subs are like promises: easy to make, hard to keep.

I find that a sub just muds up my track. Now, for “punch”, try boosting around 200-500 Hz. And cut around 100 and do some proper sidechaining to bring out the bass and sub of the kick