My new progressive house/ minimal

Hello Everybody! This is my first track, please send me feedbacks.

Thanks in advice and best regards 4 all.

Abstrakt Welle - Norad by Abstrakt Welle

Not really my sort of thing but the production sounds cool - nice work mate :slight_smile:

I already commented on it twice on soundcloud, but I’ll put one here too. I really like it. The production sounds great.

Good work man.

Slender only likes it if it sounds like music to a horror flick so don’t feel bad. :smiley:

this is a cool sound I’m diggin it and the production sounds clean! the only advice i’d give is filter those leads a little bit just to give them more of moving feel - not too much, but just a little to add more interest to your minimal leads.:slight_smile:

Great dudes! I really apreciate the feedbacks! thanks a lot!!!

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Best regards fellows!!!

Aye it’s a good groove. I was doing other stuff earlier today when I played this so I didn’t give it my full attention. Sorry. I’ll listen again 100%. I got the feeling it might have needed the odd one shot here and there to surprise the listener but I’ll listen properly and let you know.

Ahh right. Listened properly now. It all sits well and moves along easily. What I was probably thinking about earlier was the cymbal crashes at the four bar breaks near the end of the track. There’s a lot of them in pretty quick succession. For my tastes I might have swapped one or two of them for different variations on the crash. But that’s just a personal taste.

Good track mate.

great first track, liked the second half more when the lead comes in, first half could have a bit more going on :slight_smile:

Thank you all people for the feedbacks =)