My New Studio

After my move to Canada I’ve finally got my arse in gear to start building a studio.

Here’s my setup:

Main Rig is:

Intel i7 920


4 X 1TB drives in RAID 10

ATI HD5770 1GB DDR5 VGA CARD (so I can try some games - Battlefield 2 so far is SO very good)

Just ordered:

2 X KRK RP6G2’s


Going to order:

2 X 23inch screens

Presonus Firestudio Mobile

Simon and Patrick Electric Acoustic Guitar

Tempted to Order:

APC40 (just can’t decide if it’s really worth the money)

Numark NS7

I reckon a new “Show us your studio” thread is order of the day soon :slight_smile:

Shame my tunes will still probably suck :slight_smile:

Nice one dude put your pictures here :slight_smile:

where in Canada do u live bud >

would be good to see it mate

addy - I live in Kelowna, moved over here a few months ago. It’s pretty schweet so far.

West Coast Represent !!!

man…theres alot of forest to grow w… I mean tomatoes and green peppers out there…


Green Peppers…


I’m not really a fan of green peppers any more but there’s certainly a booming green pepper industry around here! In fact, It’s not uncommon for the papers to report big green pepper field finds on the mountain I live on!

Mmmmm Green Peppers

[quote]jon_fisher (12/08/2010)[hr]Mmmmm Green Peppers[/quote]

Gotta love them green peppers!!!

Just to throw a spanner in the works… prefer Red Peppers :stuck_out_tongue: (sweeter)

Red Peppers = Poppers

[quote]roben (17/08/2010)[hr]Just to throw a spanner in the works… prefer Red Peppers :stuck_out_tongue: (sweeter)[/quote]

Why has ASDA got a special this week

[quote]bouffont (17/08/2010)[hr]Red Peppers = Poppers[/quote]

Ouch feel like a headache’s comming on :stuck_out_tongue: