My new trance track summit hope you enjoy

Very punchy & energetic track, I like the deep pads layers adding a nice emotional feel to the track, the break part is very nice. Cool :wink:

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Thanks for listening I really appreciate it!

There is certainly not much to say about the overall quality of this song, you know what to do, but; and I think I told you the same before about another song; it’s missing the unique idea, the twist, the thing that makes you remember the name of the song or the artist. To be honest, for me it it sounds boilerplate and forgettable. And I’m only saying this because I know your skill level and that you can create pretty decent songs. But sometimes I listen to your songs and just get the impression that you’re lazy. Technically it’s fine, but for me as a naive listener it sounds like something I already heard 20 years ago. One minute of drums + bass intro, then a drum roll and some kind of impact sample, another minute with some arpeggio on top, … and then the piano with a boring melody, minute 2:20 sounds like minute 3:20. You can do better than this.