My new trance track!

Going for a techier feel this time. Feedback is appreciated!

Edit: changed to real link!

Nice one for that kind of energetic Trance track, like the progression of the track. What I found when listening is that it’s sounding very sharp & crispy for everything synths and also the intro kick, but then when playing the full kick it takes a way too much energy and it’s overpowering the other elements, might just need some level adjustment & a bit of high pass filter on the kick. Also the vocals could be reworked a bit, not sure about that distant radio feel. Also a lot of saturation clearly audible in the track.

Another detail, very abrupt start & especially end, it’s truncated.

Hope this helps :wink:

Thanks Tekalight!

What do you mean by saturation and how should I fix it?

By saturation I meant noise/distortion, I hear it mostly on the synths parts but it’s hard to tell if it’s due to effects & processing or if it’s the noise layer(s) that are part of the tracks ( I can pick up that they have quite some high frequencies & resonances ) but I think you’ll first need to fix that kick level & tame it’s low frequency rumble in order to hear it more clearly and be then able to find the cause & make proper adjustments.

Got it thanks! I did add a layer of noise to the arpeggio after the drop if that’s what you mean.

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