My newest track

Hey guys,

here is my newest work:

Corti Organ - NGNA (Original Mix) preview by CortiOrgan

feedback appreciated :wink:



Good track. Don’t listen to much trance. That’s a lot less “trancey” than I remember trance being. The wife is a big fan of this genre but she hasn’t bought any music in years so the stuff we have is about 5 years older or older.

Might have to listen to more tech trance from now on. Man, there are so many genres. :w00t:

thx mate!

i dunno whether the track is too overloaded before the break.

i listened to it too much times and can t judge anymore :wink:

thx anyways for your reply !

Its good, wasn’t digging it at first. But when it drop its a right tune, good stuff

hey guys,

would love to get some more feedback!


This is a good production dude, really nice use of space with the synth with a really cool melody. It kicks in really nice and the bassline is cool!

Great work :slight_smile:


i think it will be difficult to find a label for that, because its not so generic!

any ideas? - suggestions?

You’d be surprised buddy, i get tracks sent from labels which i’d never would have thought they’d signed as it’s not been similar to their previous stuff. Also the track i’ve just signed out is nothing at all like the music the label has pushed out lately.

really nice track mate, good luck with it

thx guys!

got so far one positive respond from a label.

but i ll wait a little bit more to see who else would be interested!


does anyone have a list of labels you can send tracks to online, ive had my last two tracks signed to a small american label who distribute online but i’m wondering if there are better ones who have promo lists they send to top djs and ****, i cant imaging people like sasha going through juno listening to all the new tracks that are out i reckon he gets them sent to him, would i be right on this?