My order is stuck on processing when i try to buy one of the ana 2 packs

idk what to do

Sorry to hear that you’re having issue to place a purchase on the website.

  • Is this happening using a bank card or PayPayl and are your receiving any error message ?

  • Have you tried to use a different web browser ? That would be the first thing to try.

If you’re using a bank card, the card information can sometime give issues, you can refer to this help article :

My Card is being declined

Should you still run into issue using a bank card after trying to use a different web browser and making sure the card information are corrrect, then we advice to get in touch with your bank to check there’s no hold or limitation for online and international payments placed on your card.

Alternatively, you can also use PayPal ( a PayPal account and email is required then ) or PayPal Checkout ( no PP account required, you will use the PP payment gateway as a guest with a bank card ).

Again, if you’re using PayPal, first thing to do would be to try to use a different web browser.

Hope this helps !