My take on Lane 8's Brightest Lights

Hi guys! I’m back with another track! Seems like everyone has a lot of time on their hands since the whole covid-19 pandemic. Lane 8 is throwing a remix competition for his brightest lights track and this is my rendition. There is a little bit more polishing/arrangement to irk out, but this was another great learning session for myself personally. I am starting to understand how to take advantage of the stereo field and I am constantly checking my mix in mono as well. I think have learned how to tighten up my mixes and I think I am finally understanding subtle uses of compression and using different techniques. Definitely still amateur at best but any feedback is appreciated!

If you haven’t checked it out already, posted below is the link to Lane 8’s official page for the remix which includes his stems. Happy remixing!

Stay indoors and keep safe everyone!

I think that rising pluck clashes with the vocals, sometimes in note choice and sometimes in how it sits in the same frequency space. I think it sounds cool but I question if it goes with the vocals in a meaningful way. I think the arrangement is tasteful but the mix doesn’t feel quite right. Everything feels too dry and lacking togetherness as a full mix.

Nice track as for arrangement & sounds but mixing issues here IMO. You’ve got too much low end in this, you should filter it, the kick is quite loud in volume too. In the opposite way, make that vocal louder and bigger and stick much more reverb on it. Equing the vocals and boost the mid range should help too. For the pluck mentioned in the other comment, I kind of agree, especially at the beginning it sounds too flat é thin & doesn’t work with the vocal.