My wishlist for this synth

  1. We can rightclick almost everything and rightclick to select modulation source, except for octave, semi and fine tune. I wish we could rightclick on those as well and select modulation source.

  2. Visual feedback like Serum, Vps Avenger. This synth is in that priceclass and NOT seeing that function at this price range 2017 seems a bit out off date. Especially since this is a softsynth VA

  3. 1 more oscillator wouldnt hurt.

  4. Option to modulate volume after filters for each seperate.

  5. Better distortion, the distortion in ana 2 is more like saturation and the more harsch distortion in it sounds dull and booring. nothing really that sounds modern, just bad sounding distortions. My opinion if someone disagrees go ahead and write so.

  6. Selecting an effect on empty effect slots should enable that effectslot it by default.

  7. Moving an eq knob should turn on eq by default. or allway be on until turned off

  8. LFO offset button, like this