Hey SA. I’m trying to come up with a name for myself so I can start promoting myself. I’m having trouble coming up with something cool. A friend suggested I use a name from a band I was in a few years back. The name is Anonymous Benny. Isn’t this a little too close to Mr. Benassi? Are people going to think its a bite? I thought of the name around 8 years ago long before I ever heard Benny Benassi but my only snag in the name is it’s similarity. Do you think I should just use it anyways or think of something else? Thanks in advance for any advice.

The only similarity is the name ‘Benny’, so what though?

There are loads of DJs with same names

John O’Callaghan, Jon Digweed, John Doe…

Lisa Pin Up, Lisa Lashes…

Steve Lawler, Steve Mac, Steve Angello…

You get the point.

That name is definitely not cool.

What about choosing a name like a “Verb” for instance.

Doesnt have to be something silly or makes sense - just something that sticks.

I dont think its to close to anything really, but im not a fan of it either… sorry.

It’s hard because thinking of a good DJ name can takes days, weeks, months or years to get right. I thought i was the only HouseJAK when i picked mine but recently, i found another DJ with the same name but he is German so his is spelt HausJACK which is cool :slight_smile:

A DJ name has to be picked by the person themselves i always feel… other people shouldn’t pick your name for you.

As everyone else said I don’t think it’s similar at all in fact I think more people associate the last name Benassi with him as oppose to his first name.

Good luck choosing a name…try to come up with something you will stick with and be comfortable with.

Look, every name out there sounds weird when it’s first heard. Look at Deadmau5, people used to call him ‘Dead-Mow-five’ when they first heard of him cos unlike the rest of us here, not everyone understands ‘1337 5p33ch’ or leet speech for those here that don’t.

He’s just an example, look at other DJs names, some of them sound pony as hell but they only ‘work’ now because they’re known and because you’ve heard the name enough times that it ‘sounds good’ now.

Look at it perspectivly.

My friends go by the name: ADSR

Only geeks, producers and engineers would understand what that means.

I don’t mind your name, it could catch on. Or just change the Benny to ‘B’. Whatever works for you and whatever you like. In the end of the day, you can’t please everyone.

Hmm the first thought I had was this fine man


Sorry that was not very helpfull - but what people have said before choose something and then stick with it

Hah! First time i heard someone called Deadmau5 - Dead-Mau-5 i actually peed myself a little… :smiley: good example thou roben

my name (carnehan) is micahel caines name in the man who would be king. great movie.

Benny, dood…I would just use your name. Thats what I do. Or change your last name to something else but use your first name. Who cares if its close to Benny Bennassi.

On a side note…Deadmau5 got his name from an old IRC chatroom. His desktop fried and he didnt do anything with it. After a couple days his room started to stink and when he followed the smell he found a dead mouse in the computer. He told his IRC friends that and they forever called him that dead mouse guy.

And thats how the mau5 was born.

*for you younger kids, IRC was like AIM or MSN chat back in the day (mid to late 90’s)

Yeah i know mIRC, online gamers still use it today, but not as much as a lot of the time it’s all about Teamspeak.

Anyways speaking of Big name artists and IRC, did you know that Basshunter before he was famous wrote a song called Boten Anna, and it was about an IRC bot?

Check this video out, you may recognise the tune…

Lol the lyrics are so gay, no surprise they changed the words for the english release.

I do like the name I was just worried I would be “poser” you know? Its a play on words from the whole anonymous benefactor vibe in Great Expectations. My first name isn’t even Ben LOL. But yeah like the above poster said the accent of BB is the Benassi. Keeping it :slight_smile: thanks for the input.

Roben… is that real? lol

[quote]HOUSEJAK (19/07/2010)[hr]Roben… is that real? lol[/quote]

Of course not… Thats a Girls name HJ! :slight_smile:

[quote]ICN (19/07/2010)[hr][quote]HOUSEJAK (19/07/2010)[hr]Roben… is that real? lol[/quote]

Of course not… Thats a Girls name HJ! :)[/quote]

Now thats confused me… lol

use your own name dude or you could go with dj bumlicker! thats pretty safe.:slight_smile:

[quote]HOUSEJAK (19/07/2010)[hr][quote]ICN (19/07/2010)[hr][quote]HOUSEJAK (19/07/2010)[hr]Roben… is that real? lol[/quote]

Of course not… Thats a Girls name HJ! :)[/quote]

Now thats confused me… lol[/quote]

Not me - I dont feel 1/2 as bad about the s exual thoughts that I’ve been having about him/her/it now… :hehe:

DJ Bumlicker - Class. LOL

DJ Ginger Pubes would be just as safe.

I dont think it matters to much, I got stuck with mine and now it just wont go away. My friend started a club a good 10 years back decided to put Wayne Fontaine on his flyer, he was thinking of Seb Fontaine and ever since then its suck, from the age of 16!

I get people asking me is ur second name really Fontaine that have knowen me for a few years!

So maybe u should rip someone elses off! I bet it will stick and people will remember!


Benny Tiesto :slight_smile:

Benny Saville :smiley: