Native Instrument's Flagship Synth: Monark

Request for how to use Monark.

Suggested coverage, specifically for how it applies to Monark, including:

  • controls by section
  • why use monophonic (strengths/weakness)
  • key tracking (what, how, when, why)
  • oscillators (using multiple, why, when)
  • envelopes (why, when)
  • signal chain (impacts, why, when to use)
  • Demos (making snapshots)

Generally, for the tutorials to be valuable, they shouldn’t just be a naming walk-through of this UI widget is XYZ as that is obvious. The value is in the tutors experience and getting them to explain the ‘why’s and when’s’ of using a particular control, creative treatments and applications to make the most out of a given parameter. btw - Bluffmunkey vids I’ve watched is good at this e.g. creative extensions

Monark is just a reaktor ensemble… not really NI’s flagship synth. Decent sounding synth but its just another minimoog emu in essence. You can look up a tutorial for literally any minimoog copy like Arturia’s Mini V or even Diva which has minimoog components and you’ll be sorted for Monark.

thanks. yeah probably the wrong word.

I’ve found some decent video’s, so all good.