Native instruments massive

i have been trying out and getting frustrated with this beast of a synth

some vids on how to use it wd be magic.

does anyone on here use it?

or have any tips on how to get decent sounds out of it?

all i seem to get is white noise and i know its capable of so much more

Honestly man, I have massive and I never use it. I only use it for presets (as it comes with a massive, no pun intended, preset library). However, this being said, I don’t ever use just that sound. I ALWAYS layer my own sound on top of it to get something “special”. But personally, I hate the user interface. I pretty much stick to Sylenth, DCAM Synth Squad, and Operator…and Sampler/Simpler.

Massive is a fairly popular synth for youtube video tutes, you should be able to find a fair few there…but i think all native intrument synths have a basic walkthrough of how to make a standard sound out of them in their manuals if your struggling to get anything but noise.

massive is a fairly simple synth to get big sounds out of, i find the routing visual and simple, there are tons of youtube vids, i remember the ctrl z computer music having some tips  too

i think massive is a great synth but its cpu heavy for my dated pc and i find the sounds quite cold - but some people like this