Native Instruments Reaktor 5

i read a lot of paper manuals about this program, hear many times what it is a synth of all synth and from this software may do so pure and awasome, but i cant understand how its work. Your video will be great on this topic =)

This would be a very long video indeed as Reaktor is quite a beast. A lot of people are asking about a sound design video and this product might tie in well with that as the fundamental basics of Reaktor is that you create your own instruments from scratch with whatever features you require.

You can make very simple ensembles (instruments) or extremely advanced ones depending on your level of expertise. Most people though just download ones from the user forums.

you right dude when you say it’s a beast , reaktor is a whole factory in itself …//////////// BUT ////////// …it’s so big that in my opinion I just do not wanna start to work with … it’s a bit like battery : it’s too big, too boring …

a simple ableton sampler or an impulse for drum programming is the key cuz it’s the good balance between efficiency and simplicity… LESS IS MORE even in the workflow …

it’s just my (little) opinion…:slight_smile: