Native Intruments Service Centre Headache

Maybe i’m a complete mong, but i seem to have the same problem with downloading Native Intruments updates time and time again…

Hopefully someone can help me with this one as it’s doing my head in!

I’ve just downloaded the Traktor 2.6 update from the NI Service Centre and installed it, and it forced me to restart my iMac after the installation process. When i rebooted my iMac after the installation i cannot find Traktor 2.6 anywhere…any ideas?

Have installed twice now

It might be different on a mac, but on a PC in service center if you click on the update tab at the bottom of the screen it shows you where it saves your downloads.

Or if you go to settings you can see the download location and change it.

EDIT: Or do you mean you have run the installer but can’t find the application?

Alright mate

Yeah i ran the installer and the application was no where to be found.

Sorted now though, emailed NI and they got back to me straight away for once

How did they sort it?

I’m pretty sure I had this issue a while back but never resolved it but haven’t used Traktor since. I’m not at home at the moment to check it though.

They gave me a link to download some kind of tracking software which documented all my NI install paths etc, sent them the results and they were able to tell me where it was hiding.

I’m the same with Service Centre, i always end up having to download about 10 things at once as it never notifies me of an update (Unless i get an email about Maschine/Traktor), but i generally have to download lots of updates for all the Komplete stuff.

Anyway, i don’t reckon i’ve installed half of it as i normally have the same problem, once it’s downloaded it normally shuts down my iMac then i can’t fin anything.

They really need to improve on Service Center i think, it’s too messy and long winded when you have lot’s of updates to manage.

Their Service Center is so dreadful, I regretted dealing with it the entire time I was installing K8U.