Need a feedback on this track, please

Hi guys, can you please me give me some feedback on this track:


Sounds pretty good :slight_smile: cant really find anything bad about it doh. mby some1 with more knowledge can give u some pointers! otherwise good job:)

Absolutely not my style, but sounds solid.

Hi Phil - can you have a listen to this one please and let me know your thoughts, so i know what needs to be worked on, improved etc.

Thanks mate.


sounds great, bass is working really nice.

Solid sounding track… love all the driving Bass bits sounds really well done.

The drop down riff on the other hand i think Falls a bit Flat.

a. the Dynamics in it are small i.e ti could be more filtered down then open right up or something… create more atmosphere in the club by starting filtered down… almost totally quiet just with atmosphere holding it together for a few secs.

b. when its at its fullest it isnt big enough… you need to twaek the sounds attack to give ot more punch… then you need a ridiculous reverb on it.

Thanks Phil.

I’m digging this track! Particularly good work on the bass. There’s really only one complaint that I have, and Phil has already said it ha. On your transitions between the incredibly full and bassy part to the synth and atmospheric part, I’d allow more room for the new part to breathe with some filter sweeps. It sounds great anyways, but that will be the icing on the cake.:smiley:

Track does sound great real quality man I’d be interested in hearing what you’ve done to produce that bass! Reaaaaal dirty