Need advice on vocal

It sounds to me as if the vocals and the instruments are two different tracks.
I want them GLUED together so to speak.
should i use more reverb?

I want it more "housy sounding... it sounds like a normal vocal mixing you would hear on the radio playing commercial pop :P what the hell have I done xD

thank in advance! much love

The first things that came up:

  • Vocal sounds to centered. Try to give it more room. Easy way is to dupe the vocal track and pan them both more to the side.
  • Vocal sounds a little bit too loud (in my opinion). Can’t really tell accurately without hearing the vocal on top of the drums. But you might reduce the volume a bit.

Yeah it does sound too loud…

making a duplicate and panning left and right wont spread the stereo image of the vocal unless you delay one of them… but this isint ideal for vocals as you tend to want them to sit dead center.

you could try a big reverb but only use the early reflectional and not the decay… gives a nice delay/roomy sound without the wash of the full tail.


try some just some short 110ms hipass filtered delay… you can also adjust the left and right delay slightly to give more width… something like L 110ms R108ms