Need FASTT Answer! Ebay auction ending and need to know...!

Ok, i have an access virus b, and up until now have not been able to use it with ableton sending midi due to my soundcard being **** and not having stereo audio in, or midi i/o

but there is an audiophile firewire on ebay that im looking at, auction ends very shortly and i need to know… is it a problem that the audiophile soundcard has phono inputs rather than 1/4? the outs on the virus are 1/4…

ive been told before to go for a firewire card, but like i say the firewire model only has phono in, whereas the usb version of it has 1/4 inputs… what do you think??? should i go for it?

plus i need it to be able to power my krk rokit 5’s with phono outs to 1/4 ins …

dont get it. take your time and do more research on the one you want dude.

Thankfully i didnt. Looking at the m-audio fast track ultra… Seems like it would be an excellent card, and always room for expansion since there are alot of inputs on it so with the use of a midi hub i could add more hardware synths in the future if i wanted without buying a new sound card

I am not a fan at all of M-Audio. Im a Presonus guy personally. Never gave me any issues.