Need Feedback for Remix Comp [Dave London - Robot Man]

Whats up guys/girls,

Have not been to the forums in a bit and had to get a new username some may remember me as DJ Excel (Orlando). I’m currently remixing under the name Jack Mono. I’m hoping I can get some useful feedback from some DJ’s who may also be interested in getting exclusive remixes from me and providing feedback on those as well. The first track I’d like to just throw out there and get some feedback on is currently in a remix competition so I’m not only looking for feedback on the track, but if you guys would like to preview a few of the other tracks, maybe you can let me know how you think it stacks up against the others.

I’ll provide the soundcloud link for easy listening, but if you would like to hear the other remixes or vote on this track you would have to go to the link below labeled VOTING LINK.


VOTING LINK (6th track down on the page (JACK MONO REMIX):

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Any votes are even more appreciated, but not expected. Please only vote if you feel it is worthy of it!