Need feedback please

Looking for pointers in the right direction with this tune…feedback needed thanks:)

I felt upfilter/sweep/rising-effect between 1 min 10 sec to 1 min 30 sec seconds stood out too much on the first listen. but, i listened to the song twice because I liked it, anyhow.


Thanks for the feedback. I know what you mean, I need to soften it down…I think its too repetitive anyway…Thanks for listening;)

hey five hand,

to me its sounds like the hi hats are a little to high in volume also at about 1.41 the synth that comes in overpowers the other instruments in my opinion, i do think as a whole it has a good groove though, i also like the fades you put in, keeps things interesting

Hey five hand , really like the flavour …orbital esc ,

The levels when the pad/lead line comes in is a bit much ,it feels to much in the high freq range i think it would benefit from more of an initial click on the transient to pull the kick through and shave off some sub off of the kick  and add a sub layer to the bass sound  .

Also i would add some variations on the synth /basline to make them more interesting use the same rhythym but maybe some different patches for half a bar before a break or something like that … on the whole im a huge orbital fan and think your on the right track just a few minor jigs and youll have a really cool tune  well done man :cool:

Thanks for your comments tommyt…needs to mix it properly an i’ll take on board what you said about the synth being overpowering…cheers again, much appreciated:)

Hey egg2, Thanks for the comments:)I’ll take on board all you said…I thought the kick was a bit too subby(808)myself…ill get back to work and add the variations like you mentioned…Big fan of orbital myself so cheers for that:P