Need help, 2 Questions + 4 Tracks

Sorry for posting it twice:

Hi there i try to keep it short here.

–using Ableton suite–

Let´s get right to the point:

2 Questions:

1.- About SIMPLER and SAMPLER ; can anybody tell me what different usability they have and in which case you´ll be using the one/the other?

same with

2.- ANALOG and OPERATOR, basically doing the same, but when do you use Analog. And when will you be using Operator?

Attachment - examples:

I am stuck in creating a specific kind of Bassline (including Kick). I uploaded the cuts of 4 Tracks. I simply cut out the 1st Minute and packed it with Rar.

I hope anybody can help me please - recreating the Basslines of these tracks.

I named it Track 1, Track 2, Track 3… if you can give me answer here just use the Track number.


–using Sbleton suite—