Need help creating a reverse snare effect

hey forum,

I’ve been hearing this effect being used on snares in a couple of tracks recently, and i was just wondering how to achieve its sound?

its sort of like a reverse’d snare attached in front of a normal snare.

- YouTube

the sound is the last snare of the loop, most easily heard at the beginning of the track :slight_smile:

cheers for any help

Hey, if you watch the drums part of the glitch house tutorial, it’ll show you what to do :smiley:

Have you tried “reversing a snare” with a long tail? Lol. The technique is in the naming. The reverse I use I got from a sample pack. As far as creating your own. Experiment!

surprisingly yes, i have tried the technique i talked about. my main concern was getting it to sound less crap :frowning:

Well, make sure it lines up right with the snare coming in, to begin with. Add a touch of reverb to it too.

Also, when you’re resampling the snare sample with reverb on it (for reversing) try using different kinds of reverb, and make sure you don’t have the lower end of the snare going through the reverb, it can end up muddy. If all none of it’s working maybe try a new snare sample.