Need help guys dont know where to go with this

Dont know where to go after the break. any help on this one would be of great benifit. Im open ears to all suggestions . :smiley: Stream Dave Murphy- Track ID by DaveMurphy | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Honestly bro, I like it as is.

I just feel the breakdown should be extended and remove the kickdrum at one point for a bit and add something in to change it up further. Maybe a piano segment (too typical and expected for a track like this though so maybe a Key synth instead) or add in a pad or just something for a bit.

The intro and extro definately need work (obviously I can see youve just faded them in, so I am assuming that is not gonna be the final intro/extro anyway. Try and stay away from just a drum beat start up, its too typical).

I also feel the 2min to 4min mark can be shorted ever so slightly.

I like this track quite a bit, has a very nice vibe. Good job!

Hard to explain it but my favourite thing has to be the environment youve created, theres this weird choir’ish synth pad in the background that I am liking a lot.

Thank you a lot for the kind words and even more for the very constructive feedback and also taking the time to listen. Great feedback this is why I love this forum took ur advice man on a few things will send over the finished product when done :smiley: