Need help!

Hello SA! Today was a big day for me. I finally bought my first pair of studio monitors! :smiley:

I choosed the Yamaha HS80M and I’m really satisfied with them so far. But, there is one problem. When I plugged them in to my soundcard, which is an integrated soundcard, M-audio KeyStudio 49i, some wierd noises appeared. The noise reminds me of the same noise that appears when you have your mobilephone near speakers. Its a kinda high pitched, crackling and distorted sound. The noise is only there when I’m in my DAW, Ableton Live 8.3, or doing something on the computer. For example changing sites in my webbrowser makes this distorted, crackling noise appear. I have no idea on this one. Could the problem be the speakers, soundcard or some other kind of equipment disturbing the signal?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers! :smiley:

I used to get interference from my hard drives.

I was using an external firewire sound card.

i installed a separate firewire card which seems to fix it.

i would highly recommend upgrading your soundcard if it is a built on motherboard type… they really arnt designed for pro audio.

Thanks for the fast reply Phil! :smiley:

Yep, that must probably be the problem in this case. The hard drive causing these noises fits very well in to problem. Because everytime I load something on the computer, or makes it “work” the noise appears.

Yeah an upgrade sounds like a good idea! As my current soundcard is integrated in my MIDI-keyboard model; M-audio KeyStudio 49i. Its probably not the best card out there indeed.

Will probably drop by the store tomorrow and have a look at some cards. You got any recomandations? :slight_smile:

Thanks once again!